About me

Developer history

Jonathan Peppers is a Xamarin MVP and the lead developer on the #1 ranked Hanx Writer app for Tom Hanks. Jon was also the lead developer on the successful cross-platform game, Draw a Stickman: EPIC. It utilizes C#, Xamarin, and MonoGame to achieve 95% code reuse between iOS, Android, and Windows.

Before mobile became a thing, Jon worked on a wide range of different types of projects in C#: from development of a WPF-based self-checkout system for grocery stores, to home automation software featured on the TV show, Extreme Home Makeover.

List of past projects include:

  • Utopia Self-Scan
    • Developed, designed, and maintains a modular self-checkout system with concepts such as hardware and POS abstraction layers. Utopia is meant to integrate with any Point of Sale system or hardware configuration.
    • Version 1 - WPF/Xaml user interface with a Linux server backend. Server running Apache on CentOS using Perl and CGI with a MySQL database for storage.
    • Version 2 - Completely written in C#/.Net front to back. Network communication using WCF as well as ASP.Net webforms for web interfaces. Uses MS SQL Server for database storage.
    • Currently integrated with IBM SA/ACE, LOC SMS, IT Retail, and Microsoft Dynamics POS.
  • EyeOn Home Automation
    • Developed WPF/Xaml front end for wall-mounted touch screens running Windows XP Embedded.
    • Developed voice recognition integration leveraging available APIs in Windows.
    • Developed .Net Compact Framework client software for running on Windows Mobile devices.
  • Omniprise ERP and Omniprise CRM
    • Worked to develop several client-side applications for this ERP system with WPF/Xaml.
    • Helped design and implement an open API for the system. Also, in charge of setting up a large test suite for the system and use of Continuous Integration (CI) software.
    • Developed several iPhone/iPad client applications using C# and MonoTouch as well.
  • Peaklet Analysis
    • Software for analyzing spectra data to detect certain combinations of elements. To be used in situations such as airport security, government offices, etc.
    • Primary developer of reusable black box API, as well as demo application in WPF/Xaml.