About me

Developer history

Jonathan Peppers is a Xamarin MVP and the lead developer on the #1 ranked Hanx Writer app for Tom Hanks. Jon was also the lead developer on the successful cross-platform game, Draw a Stickman: EPIC. It utilizes C#, Xamarin, and MonoGame to achieve 95% code reuse between iOS, Android, and Windows.

Before mobile became a thing, Jon worked on a wide range of different types of projects in C#: from development of a WPF-based self-checkout system for grocery stores, to home automation software featured on the TV show, Extreme Home Makeover.

List of past projects include:

  • Utopia Self-Scan
    • Developed, designed, and maintains a modular self-checkout system with concepts such as hardware and POS abstraction layers. Utopia is meant to integrate with any Point of Sale system or hardware configuration.
    • Version 1 - WPF/Xaml user interface with a Linux server backend. Server running Apache on CentOS using Perl and CGI with a MySQL database for storage.
    • Version 2 - Completely written in C#/.Net front to back. Network communication using WCF as well as ASP.Net webforms for web interfaces. Uses MS SQL Server for database storage.
    • Currently integrated with IBM SA/ACE, LOC SMS, IT Retail, and Microsoft Dynamics POS.
  • EyeOn Home Automation
    • Developed WPF/Xaml front end for wall-mounted touch screens running Windows XP Embedded.
    • Developed voice recognition integration leveraging available APIs in Windows.
    • Developed .Net Compact Framework client software for running on Windows Mobile devices.
  • Omniprise ERP and Omniprise CRM
    • Worked to develop several client-side applications for this ERP system with WPF/Xaml.
    • Helped design and implement an open API for the system. Also, in charge of setting up a large test suite for the system and use of Continuous Integration (CI) software.
    • Developed several iPhone/iPad client applications using C# and MonoTouch as well.
  • Peaklet Analysis
    • Software for analyzing spectra data to detect certain combinations of elements. To be used in situations such as airport security, government offices, etc.
    • Primary developer of reusable black box API, as well as demo application in WPF/Xaml.

Today, Jon maintains the philosophies of Test Driven Development (TDD), as well as the MVC or MVVM design patterns for developing user interfaces. Jon also specializes in multiple Dependency Injection/IoC frameworks such as MEF, TinyIoC, Ninject, and his own simple IoC container, XPlatUtils. Coupled with source control and continuous integration, these concepts enable agile software development as well as improved code quality for a team of any size.